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Residential Parking Permits

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Apply Online for Residential Parking Permit Here (Valid thru July ’22)

NOTE: Current application for 2021-22 permits ONLY

2022-23 Permit Year Application Coming Mid-May

The Town of Chapel Hill manages a Residential Parking Permit program in neighborhoods that see high levels of transient parking, especially those around the University of North Carolina, to ensure that residents have safe and accessible neighborhoods. The Residential Parking Permit program allows qualifying residents who live within the parking zone to obtain a permit to park during the posted time limits.

  • Applications must be complete with all supporting documents, in order to be considered and processed.
  • All permits will be processed as they are received. The timestamp on the online application is your “place in line” for your address; to maintain the “first come first serve” process for addresses that receive multiple permits.
  • Once all information has been verified one of our staff will email you to schedule an appoint to pay for and pick up your permits (delivery by mail also available)


If you are unable to apply online, or have questions, please call us at 919-968-2758 (Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm) or email

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Permit Information

The Town of Chapel Hill currently has 16 residential parking districts which require Residential Parking Permits for on-street parking. To be eligible, you must live in a designated residential parking district. Applicants may apply for a residential parking permit if:

  • an applicant resides on a street where parking is prohibited and
  • the applicant has no practical way of parking off of the street.

The number of permits may not exceed the number of licensed vehicles registered to the residence address and no more than five permits shall be in effect at the same time for the same lot, regardless of the number of housing units on the lot. Permits are permanently affixed to the vehicle and are not transferable. All residential permits must be displayed within the vehicle to which it is assigned.
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Terms and Fees
Residential Parking Permits are $25.00 per decal ($15.00 if purchased after January or later within the permit year). All permits will expire July 1st of each year no matter when the permit is received.
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New/Renewal Applicants for a Residential Parking Permit
All applicants will be required to provide proof that they reside within the residential parking permit zone by providing proof of the following:

If you are renting or leasing the property:

  • Valid motor vehicle registration card, that has your name or the name of your parents
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Current lease agreement with names of tenants and signatures

If you own the property:

  • Valid motor vehicle registration card, that has your name or the name of your parents
  • Valid driver’s license
  • A current utility bill with your name and address OR a deed of ownership

Permit Renewals

All permits expire July 1st and the new permit year begins July 1st of each year. Residents on file must complete a renewal form and make sure that the Parking Services office has a current lease (renter) with signatures or a current utility bill (owner), current vehicle registration and a valid driver’s license. If you have any changes to your vehicle registration; new car, new license plate, you will need to get a new permit. No renewals will be granted to anyone that has unpaid parking violations.

Applicants for new/renewal residential permits must apply online only, as of July 1, 2020 – as Town facilities are closed due to COVID-19. Once we reopen facilities to the public, you may also apply in person at:

Town of Chapel Hill Parking Services
405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
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Restrictions and Exclusions
Permits are only valid in areas where signs are posted for permit parking, and only those posted with the zone letter for which the permit is issued. For example, a permit issued for Zone A is not valid in Zone C. Permit holders are exempt only from posted time limits in Residential Parking zones. They are still required to comply with all other regulations, such as no parking zones, fire hydrants, etc.

Parking is not allowed on sidewalks or lawns, nor in areas of the front and side yards that do not have concrete, asphalt, or other approved surfaces. Vehicles are required to be parked on paved driveways or approved parking areas.
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Parking Services personnel regularly monitor residential parking permit zones. If you wish to report parking violations, please call the parking services at 919-968-2758. It is illegal to create, use, or display a false permit.
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Guest Permits
Guest permits are available at no charge to allow for short-term parking of 24 hours (1 day), or less, within the residential parking zone, limit one use per vehicle per week. It is a hang tag that is displayed from the inside rear view mirror that can be given to a guest when they come to visit. Keep the permit for your next guest that visits you! Up to two guest permits are available to each residence within a residential parking district. Misuse of guest permits may result in fines and penalties in addition to forfeiture of both guest permits. Guest permits that are forfeited due to misuse will not be reissued for a period of 12 months.
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Visitor Parking

3-Day Temporary Visitor Parking Permits

Each address in the residential permit area would be eligible for up to 10 (ten) temporary 3-day visitor parking permits in a year for use by guests valid for residential parking areas only for a fee of $2.00 per permit.

7-Day Temporary Residential Parking Permits

Each address in the residential permit area would be eligible for up to 5 (five) temporary 7-day visitor parking permits for use for guests valid for residential parking areas only for a fee of $10.00 per permit.
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Special Events
If you are planning to have a special event, such as a wedding, party, or event, please contact the Parking Services at (919) 968-2758, at least five days in advance. Please let us know the date, time and the number of vehicles you expect. We’ll share the information with our parking enforcement and operations staff, because we do not want to give tickets to your guests!
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Annual In-Home Care Permits
Residents or family members who live any of the Town’s Residential Parking Permit Zones who have babysitters, caregivers, or who have disabilities or medical conditions requiring in-home care services may be eligible for In-Home Care Permits for a fee of $10.00.
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Changes to Residence or Vehicle
If a permit holder relocates to a different dwelling unit within the same residential parking zone, or within another residential parking zone, please notify us by calling 919-968-2758 or emailing Necessary changes will be made to the applicable permits. You may not turn your permit over to another person. This is considered a violation and we may terminate the use of the permit.

Please let us know if you sell your vehicle and no longer require a permit. Please return the permit, or proof that the vehicle no longer in service. A permit holder who changes vehicles or license plates must notify the Town and provide the required documentation. A new permit will then be issued.
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Residential Business Parking Permit
Each address in the residential permit area is eligible for up to five parking permits for business use such as Contractors, Realtors, or Non-Resident Landlords for $25.00 per month or $150.00 per year and would be good in the residential permit areas only.
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Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Permits
Please call our parking office at 919-968-2758 and provide an insurance claim, police report, or other documents confirming it was stolen.

Lost or damaged permits are replaced for $15, and there is a limit of one replacement per year.


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