Group 7

Commercial Service Parking Permits

This permit is for service vehicles such as plumbing, electrician, utility, pest control, HVAC, etc. to park while doing work in both residential neighborhoods and the downtown business district. The definition of essential vehicle is one that the business normally requires to be on-site due to bulk of items being used in the professional service and/or the need for repeated trips for tools, parts, equipment, machines, etc. to and from the vehicle. The permit fee is $25 per month or $150 per year / per vehicle and is good in the Residential Permit Parking Zones and the downtown business district.
Please apply via email at and allow 2-3 business days for processing.



ISSUED BY: Parking Services

SUBJECT: Ticket Payment System and Transit Permit System Down May 21-26


The Parking ticket payment & Transit P&R permit purchases portal will be down for a system wide upgrade from Sunday at 5pm, May 21, until Friday, May 26th. There will be no way to pay a ticket or purchase a Park & Ride permit. During this time, the only ticket appeal option is to email and following the contest citation section on the back of the ticket.

During this time, please wait to purchase any transit P&R permits until the upgrade is completed. Notifications will be posted here when the system is back online.