FAQ/Contact Us

Town of Chapel Hill Parking Services receives a high volume of inquiries and resolving yours is important to us.  Please see first if the following information answers any questions you have:

  • If you received a parking ticket you believe was wrongfully issued, you must contest the citation online at https://parkonthehill.com/parking-tickets.  Pending appeals will not be discussed outside the appeals portal.
  • Downtown Parking Permits are currently available for businesses only.  We have no vacancy for student parking and do not currently offer off-street parking downtown leases for residential purposes.
  • UNC affiliates may use CAP permits or purchase Town permits for use at our Park and Ride (see here: Park & Ride | Town of Chapel Hill, NC).  We do not offer downtown parking to UNC affiliates.
  • To apply for Residential Parking Permits, please use the form online here: https://parkonthehill.com/residential-parking-permits.
  • For downtown parking location and rate information, please visit https://parkonthehill.com/public-parking.
  • Town of Chapel Hill Parking does not control towing in private lots.  For concerns or disputes regarding private towing practices, please contact the Chapel Hill Police Department.

Please note that inquiries answered by any of the above may not be returned.  Have a question not addressed here?  Please email parking@townofchapelhill.org and allow up to 48 hours for us to provide a response.

Citations cannot be paid or contested in-person or via phone or in-person.  Parking Services does not have a public office.  Permits/ticket payments are not available in-person and staff will not be able to assist with these matters either at the parking deck office or at Town Hall.

Email: parking@townofchapelhill.org

Phone: (919) 968-2758

Mailing Address:

Town of Chapel Hill Parking Services
150 E Rosemary St
Chapel Hill, NC 27514